Friday, July 15, 2016

New release - Mortal Justice

Hi everyone,

Just to let you know that Mortal Justice - a Justice novella is now available on all sites. Grab your copy for only 99c/99p today.

Here's what to expect from this fast-paced, suspenseful novella.

What would you do if you saw a stranger's life in danger?

DI Lorne Simpkins and her partner, DS Pete Childs investigate a violent attack. Lorne becomes increasingly concerned when her star witness, Donna Moran, goes missing. She knew Donna was petrified, but has Donna just gone into hiding, or has she been taken by the offenders?

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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Free short story, news about a pre-order available in the bestselling Intention series.

Hi everyone,

happy Sunday to you all. I hope the dull weather hasn't impacted too much on your summer so far.

I have some exciting news to share with you. For the next few days you can download MERRY WIDOW a short, short story in the Justice series, it's a fun read, nothing gory in it, I promise. :-)

Also, I'd like to inform you that I've uploaded a pre-order for the third book in the Intention series, Devious Intention - a psychological thriller - which is available on most sites for only 99c/99p. Devious Intention will be released on 18/08/2016.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Kindle Unlimited series now available

If you're a subscriber of Kindle Unlimited you can now follow the adventures of PI Ellie Brazil and her partner Brian Lynx in Sole Intention and Grave Intention for FREE. Book three Devious Intentions is due out in the summer of 2016.

Here's what to expect from Sole Intention: Former police officers Ellen Brazil and Brian Lynx have joined forces to start a successful missing persons investigation firm which has just been contracted to find the wife of bodybuilder Will Endersbe. Ellen discovers that a number of women with similar features and hair colour have also vanished in the Worcester area. Ellen and Brian suspect a serial kidnapper is to blame, and without a body, the police are happy to leave the case in their hands to solve. Hoping the women are still alive, Ellen digs for clues and races to find the women, despite her troubled private life and a meddlesome stepfather with a violent secret.

All Amazon sites:

And from Grave Intention: Private investigator Ellen Brazil is hired to find ex-banker Charles Dugan, who disappeared after his mansion burned to the ground. Ellen quickly discovers that Dugan's new profession--playing poker full time--has earned him a circle of very dangerous "friends." Ellen's investigation is disrupted when her mother is injured, leaving Ellen to wonder why her mother's abusive husband has gone missing when he should be at the hospital. Ellen finds herself trying to solve two cases at once while smoothing over her own personal issues. When she learns Dugan has plans to flee the country, she knows it's imperative she finds him before the gang he owes money to discover his whereabouts and carry out their grave intentions.

All Amazon sites:

Happy reading.

Friday, December 25, 2015

New Year sale now on.

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you have a fabulous time over the holidays.

The wonderful Linda Prather and I have decided to put a few of our bestselling thrillers on sale over the holiday period. All the books mentioned below are on offer for only 99c/99p.

Fill up your Kindle now. :-)

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Author interview - Mark Tilbury.

Today I have the pleasure of welcoming the wonderful thriller writer, Mark Tilbury to my blog.

1.      So, tell me about your best-selling thriller, The Revelation Room?
The Revelation Room is the first in a series of books involving Ben Whittle and his friend Maddie. Ben’s father, a private investigator, is taken captive by a cult whilst looking for a missing girl. When Ben receives a terrifying phone call from his father asking for help and imploring Ben not to call the police or else “everyone will die”,  Ben and Maddie are forced to join the cult to rescue Ben’s father from the inside. After being initiated into the cult, they soon find out that it is run by an egocentric psychopath who will stop at nothing to ensure his orders are obeyed. With time running out, Ben and Maddie have to find Ben’s father and somehow escape the clutches of the group and the dreadful truth that lies waiting in the Revelation Room.

Amazon book page  It's a fabulous read, folks.

2.      When and why did you decide to become an Indie writer?
I’ve always loved writing, but a combination of trying to find an agent and a publisher, coupled with a personal tragedy which left me on my own to raise two young daughters, I lost interest for quite some time. It was only the emergence of Amazon Kindle that rekindled (pardon the pun) my interest in writing and made me think, why not?  
3.      What genre do you write in and what genre do you prefer to read?
My stories are psychological crime thrillers with a hint of dark humour. I like to lighten the mood a bit, especially when the antagonists are so dark and twisted. As for reading, I love psychological thrillers, virtually everything Stephen King has written, and comedy, particularly Tom Sharpe. Some of his books have made me laugh so much that I literally stopped breathing!

4.      Where do you sell most books, USA or UK, Amazon or Barnes and Noble?
Amazon. I seem to be most popular with the American audience at the moment which is really pleasing, but I am only just starting, so hopefully I can widen that audience in time to come.

5.      During your childhood who was your biggest influence?
Without a doubt it was Agatha Christie. She lived about a mile up the road from me, and I used to be completely in awe of this great writer. I loved her books. I would read them and reread them at school. We used to go carol singing there as a kid, hoping that she would answer the door. She never did, but expectation is everything when you’re that age!

6.      Are you fortunate enough to write full-time?
No. That’s not to say I wouldn’t mind the chance to write full time! I can’t think of a better job to have. If I have a good day writing, I feel so happy and fulfilled. It’s like all this stuff in my head is out. Purged. I’m on top of the world. For a while at least.

7.      If Hollywood came knocking who would you want to play your main character?
That’s a really tough one to answer, because I have a vision of Ben Whittle in my mind and I can’t think of anyone who looks like him, so it would have to come down to screen persona. Ben’s also pretty young, 22, and if I’m honest, I’m a bit out of touch with young Hollywood actors. Ben’s quite tall, skinny and awkward with a mop on unruly dark hair. I really like the guy who plays Jay in EastEnders, even though he looks nothing like Ben.

8.      Name 6 people, dead or alive, you'd love to have as guests seated around your dinner-table.
Agatha Christie – to ask her why she never answered the door at Christmas! Seriously, I’d just like to thank her for introducing me to the wonders of writing. Stephen King, because he is the best and I would be interested in anything he had to say about writing. Catherine Cookson, because she brought such vivid reality to her books. Tom Sharpe, the funniest writer who has ever lived. His brand of humour has had such a huge impact on me as a writer. I can’t compliment the man enough. Oskar Schindler. A fascinating and intriguing man who was a member of the Nazi party and helped to save over a thousand Jews by employing them in his enamelware and ammunitions factories. He was initially motivated by the profitability of enforced labour, but later showed extraordinary dedication and tenacity to save the lives of those workers. Lastly, I think I’d like David Attenborough. His amazing Life programs have captivated me. I love his enthusiasm and his dedication to the wonderful nature of this planet. Inspirational stuff.

9. What one piece of advice have you found the most important in your writing career?
Keep persevering and keep learning. Always keep learning. Of course, this is more important now than ever if you want to self-publish, because there’s all the social media stuff to do as well as the writing. You have to be a writer, a publisher, an editor and a promoter all rolled into one. That’s all lot of hats for one head!

9.      What are your plans for the coming year?
I’m in the middle of a house move at the moment, so it’s quite difficult to fully focus on the book I’m rewriting. It’s called The Eyes of the Accused. The story is about a missing girl who left work early because she was sick and never returned home. Hannah Heath was four months pregnant, about to marry the love of her life and settle down to family life when she went missing. Ben and Maddie are asked to try to shed some light on the case by Hannah’s desperate mother after the police failed to turn up a anything significant other than a dodgy maintenance man at the nursing home where Hannah worked. I’m hoping to publish it early next year and then start work on my third novel.

10.   And finally, if you were stranded on a desert island what 3 books would you choose to have with you?
Under the Dome by Stephen King. This book is 900 pages or so of sheer brilliance. I love the way he gets right under the skin of the characters, and how, by putting them all ‘under the dome’, a mysterious unbreakable dome that shuts all the inhabitants off from the rest of the world, he studies them and sees how they react under intense pressure. This book has got the lot for me. A great ending, too, which I won’t reveal, but if anyone out there hasn’t read it, I highly recommend that you do. It’s as if King has literally put life under the microscope.

Indecent Exposure by Tom Sharpe. This is the funniest book I’ve ever read. Set in South Africa, it is a great satirical look at the South African police, with Kommandant Van Heerden, Konstabel Els and Luitenant Verkramp in a relentless quest for a perfect South Africa. Luitenant Verkramp, who has a hatred of all things English, surpassed only by his fear of sex, sets in motion an experiment in mass chastity. With the help of a female psychiatrist, the result of the experiment is remarkable and with completely hilarious unforeseen results. 

The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom. What can I say about this book. It looks at the meaning of life and life after death through the protagonist, an elderly amusement park maintenance man called Eddie who dies whilst rescuing a young girl from a ride called Free Fall. Eddie goes to Heaven where he meets five people who were surprisingly instrumental in his life. As Eddie travels through Heaven he learns more and more about what his time on earth meant, what he was supposed to have learned and what his true purpose was. There are dramatic flashbacks throughout the story with scenes from his troubled childhood, his time in the army and his first and only love, Marguerite. This book is just chocked full of meaning and compelling narrative. I know I’ll never write a book like this, but I wish I could. 

You can keep in touch with Mark at the following links:

Blog (Mark my Words)

twitter handle - @MTilburyAuthor

Facebook -

Thursday, April 16, 2015

New release give-away. Win a MINI IPAD!

Come join in the fun when New York Times bestselling author Linda S Prather and I release our brand new thrillers BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT and DUBIOUS JUSTICE on April 17th at a special FACEBOOK EVENT.

We'll be giving away a prize every hour for a full ten hours. The prizes will consist of signed paperback copies from both authors, gift vouchers and other surprise gifts.

There will also be a SUPER Rafflecopter going on in which we'll be giving away a Mini iPad.

Rafflecopter giveaway

It's lovely to be featured on James Moushon's fine blog too. James's blog.

Signed copies available from Linda are:

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Monday, April 6, 2015

Review of Linda S Prather's latest legal thriller.

I had the pleasure of reading an ARC of Linda S Prather's new legal thriller, Beyond A Reasonable Doubt which is available on pre-order now and due for release on April 17th. Not long now!

I believe I have to be Linda's number one fan, to me her writing is seamless and flows wonderfully. Her ability to involve the reader in her stories is second to none. 

After reading Beyond A Reasonable Doubt - the first book in a new series of legal thrillers starring Assistant DA Jenna James - I have to say this is Linda's best book yet. 

Jenna is a kick-ass Assistant DA caught up with a corrupt family headed up by of all people a former judge. Jenna gets entangled in a messy family web of deceit in which an innocent member of the family has been imprisoned for twenty-five years. When a member of the young man's family is killed in an accident, he is released from prison into Jenna's custody to attend the funeral, and that's where this fast-paced, non-stop thriller really begins.

You'll love all the twists and turns and the convincing characters, both good and bad, in this compelling, taut thriller. 

Can't wait for the second book in the series which I believe is being written now. 

Pre-order links: Amazon UK and Amazon US